oh hi there
im blamo

i dont get many visitors here so i appreciate you coming
ill show you around i guess

those are my dumbells
i dont know if youve realized yet but i am quite the


so i gotta keep up the figure somehow
i use these to make sure i look like an absolute unit all the time all year long

theyre hella cool

this is my microwave
i know that it seems odd for a skeleton to own a microwave but sometimes
just for the heck of it i like to prepare myself a sizzling plate of hot pockets
and place it on the table to feel less bony & dead and a bit more humane
dont touch it tho cuz its really unstable i swear itll explode someday

that and also im aspiring to become a selftought masterchef one day
ill cook the spookiest meals known to man

these are my spare parts
i need to keep them around in case i lose an arm or two
i usually have to switch between my current bodyparts and the spare ones while the current ones are in the laundry
but is kinda bothersome since i dont have a spare for my b o n y c o c k
so once its in the washing i have to walk around knobless
it really sucks but you get used to it when you have an eternity to live
but if you were to find one on amazon or something please for the love of god let me know
the ghoul used to suggest to use one of my spair legs for that purpose
but youd be suprised how much of a stupid idea the "third leg" becomes in practice
anyway theyre really useful if i want to chat with someone without feeling judged and stuff like that
people often get weirded out when i leave it around my house thinking i just collapsed into pieces
so if you find a head lying around please dont panic
or kick it
or put it on
or draw dicks on it
just dont touch my spare parts in general

i dabble in acting every now and again
so when i get a chance i enjoy using my spare head as a prop for one of my favourite plays hamlet
lemme give you a demo

to b o n e or not to b o n e
that is the question
the rest of the play is really boring so ill spare you the remainder of the demo